Saturday, August 10, 2013

Season Two - Episode Two: Bloodletting

Dale and T-Dog discussing how ironic it is to die of a blood infection
The theme of the randomness of the universe is explored in "Bloodletting," and how in a second one's whole world can change course; and suddenly the direction of the day is so drastically altered, a person feels like they can't function.  There are many little phrases that are said that illuminate this theme.  My personal favorite is when T-Dog is talking to Dale about a wound he sustained the day before when the herd came through and he says, "World gone to hell and I die of an infection."  Showing us that it is also silly for Carl to die in a hunting accident in a world were that situation is the least of anyone's real worries.  What makes this situation humorous, in spite of everyone's hardship, is when Daryl reconnects with T-Dog and Dale, he hands over a bag of painkillers and antibiotics and tells T-Dog, that he can thank Merle for getting "the clap" from time to time; because the randomness of Merle having unprotected sex would eventually save T-Dog's life.
Rick running with Carl to Hershel's farm

Meanwhile, Rick, Shane, Otis- the man who accidentally shot Carl, and Carl are all running to Hershel's house to see if Carl can be saved.  When Rick has a moment alone, he keeps repeating to himself, "Girl goes missing, you look for her..." over and over again.  He is trying to understand how this situation could have gone so wrong in an instant and now both children are in danger.  In the back of my head when I watched this episode, I couldn't help but think of the saying, "no good deed goes unpunished."

When Otis and Shane depart to go pick up more medical supplies, they have an awkward moment with the shotgun that wounded Carl and Otis remarks, "It's turning into a strange day." and Shane replies, "Isn't it though?"  driving home the point about how random the world can be sometimes.

Otis and Shane on Medical Mission
After Maggie brings Lori back to the farm and she reconnects with Rick, she forbids him to accompany Shane and Otis on their mission.  She adamantly reminds him that his place is here, with his family and sometimes passively sitting, waiting, and donating blood is the best way to save a person's life.  It is contrary to Rick's hero complex.  He thinks he must be physically working toward something (going out on a mission and moving manically around to obtain medical supplies) when really we are reminded that someone like Rick can be a hero in other ways.  Like providing company to his wife in this hard time, and staying with Carl for encouragement.

Perhaps the sign from God that Rick was looking for the day before was that the deer slowed down the bullet when it hit Carl.  But also the obvious point is that it brought the group to this very nice farm where they will be fed and sheltered for a little while.

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